‘The ground shook violently.’-Matthew, 10, Clarkville School

It was a Normal lunchtime. It was the 22nd of February 2011. Suddenly the ground shook violently… I was riding on Clarkville School’s flying fox. I heard the bells ringing and the power-lines shook like mad. Everybody was shouting out “Earthquake!” and the teachers ran out of the staffroom yelling “Get to the middle of the field!” We ran to the middle of the field, away from the trees and buildings. There were people screaming and people crying. After that, we were allowed to go inside. Miss E’s bookcase had a shelf that fell down and all her books fell onto the floor. I was going to look on GeoNet when a 5.7 rattled the class and I dived under Ms B’s desk. We went outside, and our parents eventually came and took us home.

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  1. EmmaD says:

    Dear Mathew
    Thank you for your piece of writing .That would have been really scary, I feel so sorrry for everyone there.I hope everthing is OK.

    From EmmaD Emearld primary School [Australia]

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