‘My story’-Molly, 8, Burwood School

I was at QEII when the earthquake struck. I was standing in the pool suddenly the lights went out and the building started shaking. I had to hold onto the side of the pool and then I was allowed out of the pool. We went out through a short cut to get outside and everyone huddled together. Then we had to move again to another area and then we moved again. Then we got put into classes and taken back to Burwood School in cars. Then it was great to see my mum.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hello Molly,

    how lovely to see your Mum after getting out of the pool and having to stand in a huddle.

    She would have been so pleased to have seen you safe and well there too.

    It has been a rotten old time there in Canterbury but you must not forget that many of us all over the world are trying to do things that will assist and of course we support you in our hearts too.

    Say hi to everyone there, take care from Ella in Auckland.

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