‘Everyone was running for the door’-Kristina, 10, Addington School

On Tuesday 22nd of February me and my friend Skylah went into the library to read some books. We were still looking for a book. When I heard a rumble. It started shaking a little bit but then it got bigger and bigger all I heard was screaming and yelling. Everyone was running for the door. I tried to but books were falling down on top of me. So I got back up and dived under the table. Then I waited until it stopped. When it stopped I got out of the table and and went out side on the netball court with Miss Holland. We both were really scared. I found my friends on the netball court. I was looking after my friends because they were crying and all very scared. Then we all waited and waited until our friends’ families’ mums’ and dads came to pick us up. 10 minutes went by. Then my mum and big sister came to pick me up. I didn’t want to leave my friends but I had to because our parents were very worried.

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  1. Ms Heath says:

    Great story Kristina, you acted very sensibly. It was a very scary day for all of us. You did very well.

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