‘The Great Quake’-Kieran, 12, Templeton Primary

It was lunch time and I was playing cricket when the quake hit. I looked up in horror to see the classroom shaking it was crazy, me and my friends we’re shocked I thought it was September all over again.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hello Kieren

    It was a mighty traumatic day that day in February and with horrible consequences. What some people have been through is just awful.

    I am so pleased you are safe there and I hope things are working well for you now.

    We are all thinking of you and many people are taking action to get things moving to assist people in Canterbury.

    It will take a long time and you at the age of 12 will be one of the deciders of your region as the future is yours. You play an important role and I am sure you will rise to the challenge.

    Take care from Ella in Auckland.

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