‘My story’-Zoe, 9, Harewood School

On Tuesday the 22 of February 2011 there was a 6.3 earthquake at 12:51 pm in Christchurch it was 5kms deep and was centred in Lyttelton. This is my story. I had just put my lunchbox away and I walked out of my classroom with my friends I was on a ramp when all of a sudden a earthquake hit my sister was with me too. All of the children in the school did the turtle. The turtle protects the head from the head from anything falling on you. When it settled down all of the school went to our emergency area (at the back of the court). We all lined up in our classes to check everyone was there. Lots of people were crying and were getting hugs. Parents started to arrive when a 5.5 hit then lots more people were crying I was with my friends Ally, Alec and Chloe. I was really worried about my eldest brother Ben because he was in the top story of C.P.I.T on Moorhouse Avenue and i was also worried about my parents because they were on Moorhouse ave as well their office shakes a lot in earthquake. Mums friend Michelle lives around the road and her kids go to my school so Michelle came to pick us all up when she got there we were moving into our hall. Michelle took us to her house when we were there we had a few little aftershocks. As soon as my mum and dad felt it my dad was in his car and going to Michelle’s house to check on us my brother Sam came to our house with his friend raven he came to check on us it was really scary. That night we put two mattresses in mum and dad’s room and we slept in there because if there was another aftershock mum and dad might not be able to get to us up stairs. It took mum two and a half hours to get home.

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  1. Ella says:

    Dear Zoe

    Thank you so much for your story and how honest you have been about being scared when it was all happening.

    To feel like that is quite normal and adults would feel the same too.

    Your teachers would have looked after you well before you were picked up by your parents.

    I am so pleased your family are all safe, it would have been a big hug time when you all got together again.

    What a good idea to have the mattresses on the floor in your parents room, I hope you are sleeping well.

    You are a real champion Zoe, that means you ‘do it’ rather than just sit about not doing anything and people like you are much needed in Canterbury right now.

    Take care and please say to your family and friends; ‘we are thinking of you.’

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Liz France says:

    Hi Zoe- what a great piece of writing and a good way to share your feelings.I am so pleased to read that all your family are safe and that you are looking after each other.Isn’t it great to have good friends and neighbours at times like this. Miss france

  3. Mrs Greenwood says:

    It was great to read your story Zoe. I think we all felt very pleased to see our family and friends!It is great to have lots of people that helped you on the day of the earthquake and afterwards.

  4. Mrs Balcar says:

    Zoe, I enjoyed reading your story about the earthquake. You have written well about all the things that happened for you and I can just imagine what it was like. It is good to be able to write like this and to share how you felt. I am very proud of you and it was just so ok to be worried about you family. You are a great girl.

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