‘My story’-Yasmin, 7, Russley School

It was lunch time and I was playing on the play ground with my friend Alisha when the big earthquake happened. It was so scary I thought my mum wasn’t coming, but in an emergency like the earthquake, Mum or Dad would come to help me. I felt so scared I cried a little when I saw my mom and my little brother, then I really cried I couldn’t stop till I got home.  There was no power but we still had water.
Our next door neighbour gave us a radio to listen to.  My friends house got damaged so she’s living at her Nana’s house next door with her brother, Mum and Dad. For a short while Amelia will come to Russley School.
My Dad runs a business called Gas Engineering Services (GES) he’s a gas engineer, he worked long hours to help fix all the gas mains in the city since the earthquake.
I went to school on Thursday and Friday. Friday is art day only which is really fun but I was soooo scared in the earthquake. My brother and my mum were ok so was my dad and me. We have only a few cracks but that’s all.

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  1. Ella says:

    Dear Yasmin

    It sounds as though you had a really bad time when the big earthquake came but wasn’t it great when Mum came to pick you up. She would have been so happy to see you.

    It is quite normal to cry when things are bad, it helps us get rid of some of the bad things in our heads and some people say it makes us heal better too.

    Your neighbourhood sounds very organised and kind and willing to help each other out.

    Poor old Dad he must be very tired by now.

    I imagine you must all feel a little anxious but I want you to know those of us afar have not forgotten you, we are all working very hard at trying to raise money, smiles and best wishes to help out. Because we know you are very brave and wonderful people.

    Take care Yasmin.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Deborah says:

    Hello Yasmin,

    You are brave to share your story. It is an impressive story Yasmin. I hope you and your brother are feeling much better now that school has reopened. We send our best wishes from Australia and encourage you to keep writing and draw your stories.

    Deborah and family

    • Yasmin Weenink says:

      Thank you for liking my story=]. I am feeling much better now and so are my friends. I will keep writing because I love writing storys =]
      From Yasmin xo

  3. Olivia says:

    Hi Yasmin,
    Just to let you know I am thinking of everyone in Christchurch. I think you are brave to share your story with us. We hope you are ok and your house is fine. Good luck!
    From Olivia xxx

  4. victoria says:

    i feel really sorry for you.i hope that you, your family and friends is safe. i know it is scary but i hope
    that you are all right
    love from victoria =)

  5. Kirsty says:

    Hi, I went to Russley when I was little, and loved the school. I am glad that you and your family are all ok, and I really liked your story.

    It was scary in the earthquake, I bet lots of friends and teachers gave you all cuddles to make you feel better.

    I hope you are doing ok, my little boy is 6 and he doesn’t like the aftershocks at all. Are you brave? I hope so.

    Love Kirsty

  6. Alisha's Mum says:

    Yes Yasmin it was very scary, Alisha and Joshua was very upset too when I got to the school. Glad school is ok, the students and teachers are safe and everything seems to have settled down quite abit now. Hopefully no more biggys… Stay safe sweetie xx
    Love Trish :)

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