‘My story’-Jed, 11, Kaiapoi Borough School

It was scary in bed because the shelves were falling and books were crashing on top of me.

I was at my friend’s house and there was a phone ringing after all the power went off.  I ran under the doorway and I thought the house was sinking.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hi Jed

    What a terrifying experience you have just had and I do hope things are starting to get a bit better by now.

    I understand there are still a lot of people without some of the basic things like water and toilets so it is still tough for so many people.

    You have probably heard many times how sorry we all feel for you there in Canterbury and that is true but there is also a huge feeling of pride that you have managed so well in such devastating circumstances and we are in awe of what you have achieved through your strength and courage.

    Stay strong and remember we are with you in spirit.
    From Ella in Auckland.

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