‘My story’-Ferdinand, 5, Discovery1 school

At the earthquake at lunchtime I was sitting on the toilet. It wasn’t scary. I went downstairs to my brother’s homebase. I went under a table. I walked through town to the start of the Botanics with my brother Crispin. Most of the brick buildings were fallen down. The end

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  1. ella says:

    Hi Ferdinand

    I am happy to hear you are well and that you stayed under the table.

    That is a good place to be when the shakes start.

    I hope you stay well and please say hello to your family and friends too.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Diyasha says:

    That’s amazing! That’s great that you weren’t afraid. I would have been and I’m older than you.

  3. maia says:

    This is so sad to think what these poor kids have to go through!keep safe chch xox

  4. Susan Harper says:

    I like your story, thank you for letting me read it. I think it’s funny you were sitting on the toilet and I’m glad you went under a table.

  5. Jenny Hitchings says:

    I think that it was funny that you were on the toilet – I bet you got up quickly

  6. Nicky and Vaisioa says:

    Dear Ferdinand

    Its good to know that you and your family are alright. We hope that all will be repaired very soon and you
    can get back to your daily routine. Its good you got under the table and everthing was fine.
    Nothcote Intermediate hopes for the best and pray that all will be ok.

    From Nicky and Vaisioa

  7. courtney says:

    you must of been afrad

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