‘It was so scary’-Michaela, 11, Kaiapoi Borough School

On the 22nd of February we had the 6.3 earthquake.We were playing free hug Wednesday and it start shaking. When it start happening Jurney and Karley came running to us and hugged me. It was so scary. Jurney was crying and Karley too. I was so worried about my family working in Christchurch and all of the people who worked at the buildings in Christchurch. Some of the teachers cried. Karley was so hugging me. The little girls and boys were crying, worried about their family. It was so scary and I was so worried about my family and friends. I was so happy when I saw my family because I was so worried.

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  1. Ella says:

    Kia ora Michaela

    It sounds as though despite all the horrid things going on you had some magnificent hugs on the big earthquake day.

    Crying and thinking straight away of our families is quite normal in the circumstances you were in both for kids and adults. And some people cry for a long time afterwards too and that is normal as well.

    Lots of people have had a hard time in Canterbury and some still are experiencing hardships. We are trying very hard to assist in as many ways as we can.

    I want you to remember that there are people all over the world who are thinking of you and doing their own little bit to make sure Canterbury gets over this and becomes once again the beautiful region it was.

    Take care from Ella in Auckland.

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