“Why are the girls trying to draw on my face?!!”- Rylee, 10, Wharenui School

Not a sound was to be heard, all were asleep in the most gloomy hour of the morning.

Suddenly, I heard a rumble which continued to the sound of a thousand trains steaming through my home.

The Canterbury earthquake was upon us.

My name is Rylee Seil and this is my account of the most exciting but frightening experience in my entire life!

It was 4:34a.m on Saturday the 4th of September. I was in bed while not a sound was to be heard from Georgia, my sisters room.

She and her friends were in a deep sleep because Georgia was having a slumber party for her birthday.

In the next minute, I felt the house rock. I thought to myself: “Why are the girls trying to draw on my face?” But they weren’t.

I swung my hand as if they were there, I hit my hand on my sidetable, it woke me up from the pain.

I bolted to my desk, I got under it and realised that a guitar was about to fall on me, I ran even faster to my doorframe.

When I got there, I saw my parents stumble out of their bedroom and heard my mum scream “Doorframes! Doorframes!” The girls were still asleep.

Mums yelling eventually woke them up.

My Dad ran out to the lounge room, grabbed all the fragiles and irreplaceables and placed them somewhere safe.

After the earthquake stopped, the annoying after-shocks began. We tried to get some rest, later boiled some water and spent the rest of the day

watching the news, playing on the playstation and playing board games all day long!

Now you know my experience of the Christchurch earthquake 2010.

It was truly the most exciting but frightening expeience in my entire life and will remain as the Saturday morning like never before!

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  2. Rylee says:

    I really like my Recount, I think I was really enthusiastic.

  3. Maxine says:

    …don’t you mean 2011?

  4. Meredith says:

    Wow your mum mum must have shouted pretty laud!!!

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