‘The Canterbury Earthquake’- Emily, 9, Wharenui School

On September 4th 2010, the most stressful time of the year, maybe of our life. A 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook us in fear. But we tried our hardest to push through it.

I am writing about the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that happened in 2010. Rumble, Crack, Smash “What’s going on” I screamed. Next all the things were falling of the bookshelf. I said “oh no, it’s an earthquake”. My sister sarcastically said, “dah” , then I fell over my shoes trying to get out of my room and into the doorway.

It was still going and I’m like, “Mum this is a long earthquake”, then she said, “I know, where is Ruth?” Ruth is my little sister we don’t get along much, but anyway she was in the doorway sleeping, I think she was tired. Then my brother Nathan came into my room, we are very close, and he wasn’t scared at all.

It was still going, “AHH” Nathan my little brother said. My sister was still asleep in the doorway, my cat was nowhere to be seen. I asked Mum why is it still going, “I don’t know” Mum said. Then all of a sudden it stopped. We were almost screaming for joy.

After the earthquake we all needed some sleep so we all tried but the aftershocks wouldn’t stop, my sister was still fast asleep. My flashlight on my phone was still working.

The next morning my mum, my dad, my sister Ruth, my brother Nathan and I we all went to my friend’s house but she wasn’t home. She had gone to check on this nice old lady named Ellen. We then went to see if any shops were open, some were, some were not.

Next we all went to the shops that were open. We didn’t buy anything. After that we went home and went to see if my friend was home and she was, my mum asked her if she wanted to stay at my house, she did. So we had a lot of fun.

So this is my experience of the Canterbury earthquake 2010.

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