‘My Story’- Chloe, 10, Wharenui School

I was so tired I didn’t even wake up from the rumbling and shaking. It felt like 1000 trains running past. Hello, my name is Chloe and I am going to tell you about my massive earthquake experience, on Saturday 4th of September at 4:35am.

When the massive earthquake hit, the house was shaking and rumbling. I was sleeping so deeply like a bear in hibernation and so I didn’t feel the earthquake. But then my mother came upstairs in my room and cried” Can you feel it?” But I was still sleeping until she said it was an earthquake. I woke up straight from my dream and it was about 4:44am. As I switched on the lamp light it didn’t turn on! So I looked outside and it was pitch black, I asked my mother in the dark if the electricity had gone out so she replied “Yes.” Suddenly my older brother Subean came into my room and he said tiredly “What was that shaking?”, “The earthquake!”, I told him. My brother got his touch screen phone from his room and put on the radio and the woman who was speaking on the radio said that there was a hole in the middle of the road and that there was no electricity and water. I heard car alarms ringing and sirens screaming all over.

Meanwhile when the earthquake stopped my mother, my brother and I crept downstairs and glanced in every direction to see if there was any damage or cracks. When we looked in the cupboard we saw that the Thai chilli sauce in a glass jar had fallen 10cm down to the next shelf, but it was a miracle that it didn’t crack.

By 7:45am we were hungry, we decided it was time for breakfast. Bread, butter and jam, and cereal filled us up.

We couldn’t get the car out because it was in the garage and the garage used electricity, so we walked to our friend’s house instead, which took about 5 minutes to walk. When we arrived we asked them if they were ok. They were ok themselves but the house wasn’t, there were cracks all over the ceiling and rooms, and even their driveway had about four or five cracks.

The next morning, we checked if the electricity was back on and it was so we were finally able to eat hot food. We turned on the T.V and received information, like boil your water for 3 minutes before drinking it.

The magnitude was 7.1 and I feel the aftershocks now and then. The aftershocks were scary but now I am getting used to them and it is actually quite fun.

Now you know my experience of the earthquake.

I hope that it doesn’t happen again.

Thank you for reading my experience of the earthquake.

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