When my house shook- Ryan, 11, Clarkville Primary

Hello my name is Ryan. When my house shook it felt like a big hand was picking up my house to shake it all around. Mum came  up to my room and got me while it was happening.Then the power went out as soon as I tried to turn on the lights.  We knew that the water had gone out because it sounded like a snake noise. We had to light candles. Our neighbors asked if we were okay and we said “we are okay thanks”. Then people started ringing Mum on her cellphone since the power was out.  We stayed up until the earthquake had finished, then I hopped back in bed with Mum and we waited until it was day time. Then we had to go get water to flush the toilet from our friends pool. Later on we went for a walk and we were so amazed at all the damage. That is the story of when my house shook.

6 Responses to “When my house shook- Ryan, 11, Clarkville Primary”

  1. Brodie says:

    nice story mate

  2. Spud says:


  3. Emme.G says:

    Wow A Great Story!

  4. Mo and Joshua says:

    Drop a rock in the crack?

  5. Samuel says:

    I feel so sorry because you must have been really shocked

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