‘The most memorable sleepover ever!’- Niamh, 7, Darfield Primary School

I had a friend, Caitlin, over for a sleepover and when the earthquake happened she was saying “Niamh stop jumping on the bed”. Then I heard Mum shout get “out of the bed”. Caitlin said “is that an earthquake?” Mum came and got us, Dad got my little brother Jack. We ran down the stairs and outside to where we felt safer. Then the earthquake stopped and I felt cold. There were heaps of aftershocks and they really frightened me. We got in the car to keep warm and listen to the news. Later Caitlin’s Mom and Dad came and we drank hot chocolate.

7 Responses to “‘The most memorable sleepover ever!’- Niamh, 7, Darfield Primary School”

  1. Matt says:

    Good story

  2. Emma says:

    It sounds like it was very scary. You all were very brave. We are very proud of you all. Good thing there was hot chocolate at the end though!

  3. Geoffrey Guy says:

    You are a brave little girl.
    Love Grandad

  4. Mrs Dennis says:

    Hello Niamh,
    So glad you found the website and sent in your story. Well done.

  5. Terrific 22 says:

    Hi Niamh, We are a year 2 class from Feilding. Our school is North Street. We are doing some investigating into the earthquake to help with our inquiry. We hope Jack was not too scared. We think it was a good ideas to have a hot chocolate afterwards. We were wondering why did you hop in the car and listen to the radio? Caitlyn would have enjoyed seeing her Mum and Dad, especially after the earthquake.

  6. Niamh Guy says:

    @ Terrific 22
    We hopped into the car because we thought it would be warmer there than outside and the radio gave us information because we had no electricity inside in the house and no other radio with us. Dad was able to use his mobile phone to get information too which helped us.

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