“My Playstation has broken”- Courtney, 5, Darfield Primary

My Playstation has broken because the TV fell off the shelf and it fell on the Playstation and it broke. I feel sad.

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  1. Cody and Ben says:

    sorry for your playstation but i bet it could of been alot worse so your pretty lucky and keep happy also realy try hard to save for a new one .

    from cody and ben

  2. Sorry about your playstation hopefully you can get another one

    And Hopefully your t.v. is allgood .

    From Louis & Xavier

  3. Hi Courtney

    I hope your tv didnt smash and you can get a replacement for your playstation.Hang in there.Hopefully your friends and family are allgud

    From Xavier and Louis

  4. Mikayla says:

    Hi Courtney

    I am sorry to hear about your playstation.But i bet that alot of peoples belongings are broken.But cheer up because people are helping Christchuch with money and equipment.The best thing to remember is that people are risking their own lives to save others so you will always feel safe.Best of luck.

    Mikayla :)

  5. Mishkhah says:

    Hi Courtney ,

    Im sorry to hear that your playstation broke , hang in there . Hope you and your family is well and no one got hurt. If you save enough money maybe you could get a new playstation. New Zealand is helping Cristchurch as much as they can by raising money so fingers crossed Christchurch will recover .

    Mishkhah [:

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