“I touch glass on my feet”- Cody, 8, Freeville School

I hear glass breaking. I smell fire in my room. I touch glass on my feet, it cuts my feet, I taste sweat, I feel sad. My home is going to be demolished because it has cracks in it. This is my house.

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  1. diane says:

    Dear Cody,
    I think that you are a very brave person and when you get old and many years from now you will be able to tell your grandchildren all about this.
    It is sad for you and your family.so I send you good thoughts…. Thank you for your story. Diane.

  2. anita says:

    To Cody

    Now that you have told me your story and showed me your house
    i feel really sad and wanting to cry
    hope your feet get better and that you find a good place for you and your family to sleep in at night.


  3. emily says:

    hi Cody,
    i think your being very brave. it must be really scary.
    i hope you find a great new house, and your feet are fine now.
    good luck.

  4. tayla says:

    heyy cody

    im so sorry about your house. my house once flooded, i was 7 years old. it was very scared. but you have gone through something even worse. are your feet ok?. it must really hurt.
    i hope your dreams and wishes come true!! enjoy your years at school!!

    love from

    Tayla (= xx

  5. gabby hubbetr says:

    hi all you people from freevill my friend gos to your school gabby criglington but she moveed to invercagil it is cool how we have the same names

    i hope you are ok because of the eathqwaks
    from gabby
    waihopai school

  6. gabrielle hubber says:

    hi my name is gabby my friend gos to your school but now she is in invercargil with me her name is gabby

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