‘Earthquake!!!’- Makayla, 10, Oxford Area School

Saturday 4th September 2010


We heard this sound it sounded like a train going through the house. I was thinking to myself what’s going on? I was sleeping on the couch so I didn’t know what to do, so I had put my two pillows over my head then suddenly crash boom bang!

Mum called “Makayla get here now it’s a massive earthquake.”

“OMG” I said.

First thing that me and my mum did was go underneath the door frame then I went into mums bed for the rest of the night. Fatty and Runty ran away straight away, Runty came back four hours later and Fatty came back four days later.

We still are getting aftershocks. When the earthquake happened my dad Reece was going down Johns Road on the way to work. It is amazing how long it takes to put up a web site about the earthquake. I think that it is lucky that only two people were hurt. I hope that this never happens again!

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  1. courtney says:

    hiit mast of been a ter a finf nighmere for you to handil

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