‘EARTHQUAKE!!!’- BLAIR 10, View Hill School

Whoosh bang the big 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit. I stayed as stiff as a statue in my bed not even moving.

I could hear my sister Danielle screaming because her lamp fell on her head.After the earthquake stopped I still stayed stiff as a statue in my bed because the aftershocks were still going. After they had eased down I started to stop panicking. I had never experienced an earthquake before and it was very scary for me and my family.

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  1. Taylor :) says:

    Hi Blair
    My name is Taylor i’m 12 years old and im a year 8 at Northcote Intermedite .
    Im hoping you your friends and family are coping with this horrible disaster that has hit your area .I’m so glad that you new what to do when a earthquake happend.I hope your sisters head is okay from that lamp .

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