‘BOOM!’- Tayler, 10, St Patrick’s School

I was dreaming a good dream when suddenly my bed started shaking then my house started shaking. I ran into my nana and pops room the lights were flickering on and off. I ACCIDENTALLY ran into the chimney. We heard a bang we thought the water cylinder was falling of the roof we were lucky that it wasn’t. When it finally stopped we ran downstairs where mum was. We all sat on the couch then twenty minutes later BOOM ! another one aftershocks carry on days go on and on were trying to get back to the normality of our lives but hey nothing will be the same lots of old historic buildings have either collapsed or been knocked down but hey at least nobody died.

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  1. Mo and Joshua says:

    We think you were lucky.000000

  2. mackenzie crompton says:

    Dear Tayler
    has your building been knocked down? i am so sorry to hear this happen. hope that you and your family are alright and that you can continue with your normal lives. are your nana and pops ok? i hope that you can keep on,living knowing that alot of people are feeling for you. we had a day that supported the christchurch earthquake and we donated some money to all the schools in christchurch. i hope that every thing turns out to be alright and that you know that we really feel for you and that we hope that you are safe. please reply to me

    From Mackenzie

  3. Yula Fernandes says:

    Dear Tayler

    Sorry to hear about the earthquake it must have been scary. Hope you and your family are alright. It must be annoying having loads of aftershocks every day. Our school had a day so that we could support the Christchurch Earhquake. Hope you are ok. Lots of people are caring for you here.

    From Yula

  4. Tazz. says:

    Hi Tayler,

    My name is Tayler also ,but most people call me Tazz. I go to Northcote Intermediate School.
    I am sorry to hear about the earthquake that happened in Christchurch.
    I hope your house is ok and not dammaged too much.
    I hope you and your family can get on with your normal lives.


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