‘BANG!’- Tahlia, 9, Hororata Primary School

On the night of the Canterbury quake my house shook like mad. At first I thought I was in Te Papa at the earthquake house, then I realised it was a real earthquake! I was too shocked to get out of bed so I dug my head into my smooth white pillow. Then I heard a big BANG! It was the neighbour’s fence that had become a new footpath. Wow, was the earthquake that strong? As the earthquake shook, I was shaking myself but then Mum came in “Get up Tahlia”. Our hearts were both pounding as we reached the doorway. Mum leant against the wall, ahhhh! It moved. Aidan was already in the bathroom door frame. Mum and I had squeezed into Aidans bedroom doorway. I thought that I was going to die. The quake was that violent.

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