Abby T, 9, Hororata Primary School

Major shakes woke me. I was absolutely terrified. James, Brogan and I all scurried under the table. I thought the roof was going to come down on top of us. The bad part was that we had no power, lucky enough we have a generator. We had the Nobles and Miss Stewart over at our place because we had our fire and power. I was so grateful for our fire. it gave out heaps of light and warmth. I was so relieved when I heard that all my Aunts and Uncles were ok. The most amazing thing was that my little brother slept through the whole thing!

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  1. Mrs Macpherson says:

    Abby, what a fantastic piece of writing! You hooked me straight away with your opening sentence. Keep up the great writing! (Miss Mead)

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