“I got a huge fright”- Milly, 8, Freeville School

Early Saturday morning we had an earthquake.  It woke up a lot of people.  Some people slept through the whole thing.  I got a huge fright and so did other people.Earthquake in Christchurch I heard on One News that there has been about 300 aftershocks.  Some houses are badly damaged and homes are destroyed to pieces and pieces.  Hopefully people are not badly hurt.  The grounds are lifted and roads are cracked and power poles are falling. Some people are stuck at home but at least people can do other things like board games. Some streets have got water on the roads and roads are badly damaged.  One News is saying it will be over soon.  Cars have been covered in bricks.

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  1. courtney says:

    you must of been shocked
    of your room

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