‘One year’-Gemma, 11, Avonhead School

Tomorrow is the one of the saddest days of our life’s but also a Milestone of moving on a new start to new and better chch

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Garden of Eden- Spencer, 10, Mt Pleasant School

Scrack scrack, scrack scrack, scrack scrack … the noise in my ears.  Thirty pairs of sprigs marching with purpose, the sound echoing down the darkened tunnel.  I close my eyes for a fraction of a second as my own feet carry me forward, and in my head I see the glare of light ahead of […]

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In the dirt are cracks ingrounded Where the earthquake once has pounded The place where all the buildings lie As smoke swirls up into the sky And from the shattered homes comes smoke Enough to make us cough and choke Even though the families weep At losses that are so deep They’re held together by […]

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