‘This is Canterbury’, Bella, 12, Heaton Intermediate

In the dirt are cracks ingrounded

Where the earthquake once has pounded

The place where all the buildings lie

As smoke swirls up into the sky

And from the shattered homes comes smoke

Enough to make us cough and choke

Even though the families weep

At losses that are so deep

They’re held together by a little love

From the sky and the stars above

Through the haze we see faint hope

Please give a little, help us cope

4 Responses to “‘This is Canterbury’, Bella, 12, Heaton Intermediate”

  1. Kerry McCrory says:

    This is my eldest grand-daughter Bella and I am so proud of this poem that she wrote I think she showed wonderful understanding of how badly people were affected ….I also applaud the teachers who just seemed to get into action and deal with all that was thrown at them …Well Done Bells x

  2. Megan C says:

    AMAZING poem Bella!!
    I remember you writing this for your photo in art class. Glad your poem was discovered!
    You are amazing

  3. Lucy-Jane says:

    What a beautiful poem. I think you captured the feelings of sorrow surrounding Christchurch at our loss. I think you have given us something to help us cope.

  4. sabrina says:

    oh my gosh bella you wrote such a beautiful poem im amazed that a 12 year old could write so good you captured my feelings you really sucked me in you have a big oppurtunitie of becoming a author
    good luck for the future

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