William, 4, Avonside Early Childcare Centre

When the earthquake happened, I was really scared. And we all got under the table to keep safe. All the things rushed out of the cupboard, all the containers. Some things broke and smashed and lots of food spilled out. The tv fell over and we had to use a computer for our tv for a long time. The bookshelf in the hallway fell over so we couldn’t get out the door, and the water was leaking down from the ceiling, but we got out the back door because mummy lifted the cabinet. And when we got outside mummy cuddled us and she cried. And then we all got in our car and had a car party to get happy again. Mummy got us each a blanket and a drink and some snacks and our stuffed animals. My little brother was in the car with me. And our dog was in the car with us too. Daddy couldn’t get home because his car got stuck in the sewage and liquefaction. He had to walk part of the way and we went to pick him up. And we all slept in the lounge on the floor that night, and our fire was on and it was warm and fun being together.

3 Responses to “William, 4, Avonside Early Childcare Centre”

  1. KENNEDY says:

    heeay i really fell what yo have gone through and i hope you are alright

  2. Milly says:

    Hi, I feel realy sorry for you i hope your OK and get your TV back soon :P

  3. Skye says:

    Hi you are so brave William that sounds so scary

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