“I was really scared”-Haley, 7, Freevillie School

In the February earthquake I was at school and was sitting next to my friends Maria and Ruth on the mat and then the earthquake came. My friend Maria put her hands over her head and I wasn’t sure what to do but I was really scared. Then my teacher told us to go under the desks and the computers fell over. After it stopped we had to go outside to the field and I saw a river running down the road but later I found out it was liquefaction. Then I looked after my sister Julia until Mum came and we ran to her and we had to walk home and I started sinking into the liquefaction, it was scary and when we got to our house Mum was too scared to go into our house so we went to my friend Leah’s house across the road.

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  1. hey good luck with the rebuild there is hope u just have to fing it love marguerite hall nelson nz i belive in u xx

  2. Laura says:

    wow lucky no one got badly hurt

  3. aroosa says:

    that is good that you are safe

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